3000 PSI Pressure Washer

Surface Cleaner Recall

To submit your recall claim, please review the information below and verify that your surface cleaner model is part of the recall and then click the Create a Return button.

Recall Only Applies to the 3000 PSI Surface Cleaner Models Shown Below:

  • Model #6178

    Model #6178

    Briggs & Stratton 3000 PSI Surface Cleaner

  • Model #6172

    Model #6172

    Craftsman 3000 PSI Surface Cleaner

  • Pack-In


    Craftsman 3000 PSI Surface Cleaner

check your plate

Check Your Rating Plate!

On the top of the surface cleaner adjacent to the warning label, there is an area of information molded into the surface cleaner. If the top row of information reads 3000 PSI (207 BAR) MAX, the surface cleaner is part of this recall. If it reads 3200 PSI or 3400 PSI, it is not part of this recall.

Create a Return

Here’s What You Need To Do

To receive your replacement product, all you need to do is complete our online form and send your recalled product back and we’ll send a new replacement product back to you at no cost. Only one surface cleaner can be returned per claim.

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Complete Online Form

To submit your claim, you will need to provide a shipping address to where the new replacement product will be shipped and a valid email address where we can send a confirmation email containing a link to your pre-paid shipping label.

 package icon

Package Product

Once you’ve printed the pre-paid shipping label from UPS, package your recalled product securely in a box using newspaper or bubble wrap and attach the pre-paid shipping label provided in the confirmation email.

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Return Product

After you’ve securely packaged your product and attached the shipping label you can either give the package to a UPS driver or drop it off at a UPS Customer Care Center or Authorized Shipping Outlet.

Once we’ve received your return, we will ship a new replacement surface cleaner to you free of charge.

Create a Return

Briggs & Stratton cannot ship back your original part, or any other parts included in the package, so please verify you are sending the correct part. Only one surface cleaner can be returned per claim. Please enter separate a claim for each 3000 PSI Briggs & Stratton or Craftsman surface cleaner. We reserve the right to not provide a replacement surface cleaner if the return is not an 3000 PSI Briggs & Stratton or Craftsman surface cleaner.

Please discontinue use of your 3000 PSI Briggs & Stratton or Craftsman surface cleaner until you receive your replacement. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.